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Why Fall Is The Ideal Time For Your Deck Maintenance

Why Fall Is The Ideal Time For Your Deck Maintenance

August 28, 2015

Deck Maintenance

Unlike winter, the fall weather in Pittsburgh still has its share of clear days and sunny skies, as well as the last of the warm weather before we head into winter. In terms of your outdoor living spaces, it is important to perform the necessary maintenance to prepare them for the darker, wetter, colder days ahead.

If you have a wooden deck on your property, you are aware that there is some maintenance involved to preserve the life of your deck and keeping it looking its best. The following is a few key steps to take to prepare your deck for the coming winter season:

Wooden Deck

  1. Wash the surface of your deck. Dust, debris, and even grease from a grill can set into the finish of your deck and leave it looking dull. Washing off the surface with dish soap is recommended with a broom or a straw brush. While you may be tempted to power wash your deck, this can lead to scarring of the wood from too much pressure, so be sure to consult a deck professional before doing so.
  2. Clean any leaves and/or debris from on or around the deck. Anything that can trap and accumulate moisture is not good for a wood surface. You will want your deck to be clean and free of debris will prevent it from being trapped in areas that are hard to reach over the winter months, and can affect your deck’s finish.
  3. Perform an overall check of your deck’s structure. Now is the perfect time to check for any loose boards or rails, or missing bolts. Not only does this keep your deck safe, but preserves its structural integrity.
  4. Remove any plants, pots, or storage containers. These are the perfect places to trap moisture, which will remain hidden and continue to accumulate over the cold, wet winter months.
  5. Be sure that your deck is properly stained and sealed. It is recommended that a wooden deck be stained and sealed every three to four years. While it may seem cheaper to buy a stain and do it yourself than to hire a professional, keep in mind that a seasoned deck professional knows the right finish to use to preserve the life of your particular deck. They also know what to look for in order for the deck to properly retain the stain, such as the moisture content of the wood as well as if it is properly conditioned.

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