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What You Need to Know About Multi Level Decks

What You Need to Know About Multi Level Decks

March 16, 2023

With a multi-level deck, you can create a large and enjoyable outdoor space for entertaining. Pittsburgh homes are often built on sloped or hilly property, making it difficult to utilize your outdoor space. A multi-level deck can maximize views and reduce the work needed to level your sloped property.

There are so many options for deck materials, colors, railing systems, and more, making it difficult to determine the best starting point for building your multi-level deck. Fortunately, the experts at Quaker State Construction are here to help!

Add Visual Interest with Different Color Deck Boards

multi level decksSince your multi-level deck will be more expansive than a single-level deck, you can easily incorporate different colored deck boards. You can use multiple colored deck boards to create focal points on your deck. This can be done to highlight the stairs for more visibility or to indicate your grill area or hot tub.

Keep in mind that different deck boards can create more work for deck maintenance. Darker colors will fade faster in UV-heavy areas of the deck, while lighter colors may last longer. If you plan to use multiple deck color boards, we recommend using composite boards that are resistant to UV rays and will provide even lasting color.

Use a Variety of Railings for Safety and View Access

When you have a multi-level deck, there are likely going to be different rail requirements for each height. You will have upper levels that will require railings to remain in compliance with code requirements. For ground levels that are less than 30 inches above the ground, you may not need railings. This allows you to have the option of installing railings on every level or only on levels where they are required.

Keep Your Stairs Safe and Simple

Just like railings, there are multiple code requirements when it comes to stairs for your deck. With a multi-level deck, stairs are a necessity which is why we recommend easy-to-install and long-lasting deck stairs. We can help you customize your deck stairs with a variety of options, such as LED lighting that can allow your family and guests to safely navigate your deck even at night.

Design Your Multi-Level Deck with Quaker State Construction


At Quaker State Construction, we can help you design the multi-level deck of your dreams! Contact us today to get started!