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Choosing the Right Color Scheme for Your Home

Choosing the Right Color Scheme for Your Home

July 25, 2022

Your home is a canvas you can decorate to express your unique style.   When considering adding a deck to your home, you may be wondering how to match the deck to your home’s color scheme.

At Quaker State Construction, we’ve put together some color scheme suggestions to help you style your deck!

Dark or Light Grey Siding Deck Colors

Buyers Guide for Your Upcoming Deck Replacement or RemodelWe recommend brown decking to pair with neutral, cool tones like dark or light gray. You can make a bold statement with the rich brown of the deck. You can also pair this with a white composite railing and accessories for an extra pop of color and to help tie in the white window trim.

You could also add reddish-brown decking with brown aluminum hardware to enhance your home’s natural features.

Tan and Beige Siding Deck Colors

We recommend that if you have warm neutral tones like tan or beige on your home’s exterior, you should pair them with brown decking. The deck boards have a bold color streaking that will create a stunning and cohesive look. We recommend pairing this decking with a black aluminum railing and black lattice to create a traditional style.

White Siding Deck Colors

We recommend gray decking if you have white siding on your home with black window and door trim. This will add depth to your outdoor space and provide you with a modern farmhouse look when you add accent lighting and black railings.


Deck Colors for Green or Blue Siding

If you have a pop of color of green on your siding, we recommend a deck with brown or reddish-brown tones to add a fresh, exciting look! For a cohesive look, you can add a brown aluminum railing, step lights, or solar post caps for extra ambiance.

Blue is another popular color throughout Pittsburgh and all across the country! For blue siding, we recommend using gray decking to complement the cool tones of the blue. It will help create a relaxing and serene environment. You can add a black or white railing to tie it all together.

Composite Decking Colors to Complement Your Home

At Quaker State Construction, we offer a wide array of composite decking colors to complement your home’s color scheme. To learn more, contact us today!