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Upgrade with Deck Accessories

Upgrade with Deck Accessories

April 20, 2016

Deck Accessories

Springtime is here which means more time is being spent outside enjoying the beautiful weather that this time of year has to offer. If you like to spend time outside on your deck grilling, entertaining or just relaxing, then you probably want it to be a sanctuary that you enjoy. The addition of deck accessories is a great way to spruce up your deck to show off to your friends and neighbors or just enjoy for yourself. There are several deck accessories available, each with their own benefits from sprucing up your deck, to creating mood lighting. Deck accessories are perfect for those that not only love to enjoy time outdoors on their deck, but take pride in their homes and want them to look sleek and stylish.

Deck Lighting

One of the most sought after deck accessories is deck lighting. Deck lighting offers multiple advantages, such as safety and security, convenience, and ambience. With the addition of deck lighting you will be able to entertain well into the night. Deck lighting is also a great safety feature for your home and can act as a secondary security system by deterring potential burglars.

Deck Lighting

Type of Lighting

i-Lighting is an easy to install system that can add lighting to several areas of your deck. i-Lighting includes: post lights, stair lights, under rail lighting, bullet lights, post cap lights and outdoor spiral lights.

Other Accessories

There are other options for deck accessories that can offer added elegance to the look of your deck. Whether you want added sophistication or a personalized touch, adding accessories to your deck is the way to go.

Options include:

  • Post Sleeves: can be placed over your treated wood deck posts for a sleeker look or even a unique contrasting look with a mixture of wood and other materials.
  • Post Accents: provides a decorative detail to your deck posts and offers several options for sprucing up your posts.
  • Rail Accents: there are several different designs that you can choose from for your deck rails, such as a curved look, Chippendale style, and lattice. Using metal rails to contrast the style of your wood deck is also a great option that adds a level of sophistication to your deck.
  • Post Caps: post caps also provide a decorative finishing touch to deck posts for added style.
  • Post Base Trims: are placed at the bottom base of deck posts to provide an accent similar to trim you would see inside your home. It provides a polished look that seamlessly blends in with your deck.
  • Post Points: post points are similar to post caps but differ in style. Point points cap off your posts but are designed to look like a “point.” This is another design option depending on your individual taste and style, as well as your home and deck design.

Deck accessories are the icing on the cake. They offer an ornamental embellishment that makes your deck standout by giving it an added visual appeal. This is especially important if you are thinking about putting your house on the market. Any added touches that will elevate your deck from ordinary to extraordinary will make your home memorable to potential home buyers.

Whether you want a full deck makeover or to add a few deck accessories to your current deck, Quaker State can help. Quaker State Construction of Pittsburgh has all you need for a unique and beautiful deck that will be the envy of all of your neighbors.