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Three Reasons to Enclose Your Patio

Three Reasons to Enclose Your Patio

January 19, 2015

Enclosing your Patio

An outdoor living area can enhance both the enjoyment and the value of your home. For many, however, we can only enjoy these spaces a few months of the year. Enclosing your patio can be an appealing option to getting the most out of this additional space.

Patio Enclosure

There are a wide variety of options when considering enclosing your outdoor area, ranging from simply screening in your patio to creating a top-line solarium for use year round, but this also gives homeowners a wide-variety of options for cost and features.

Here are three things to consider regarding enclosing your patio:

  • Weather. The number one reason homeowners enclose their patios is to extend their use of the space. In cold-weather regions such as Pittsburgh, transforming your patio to more of a three-season porch could significantly expand your use. It also ensures that you can enjoy this area even during inclement weather such as rain or extreme heat. An enclosed patio can also reduce the nuisance of insects during certain times of the year.
  • Safety. The terrain of Pittsburgh causes many of its residents to have elevated patios or ones adjacent to steep terrain. Depending on where you live, your patio may be near high traffic roads as well. Enclosing this area could increase the safety of your outdoor living space, ensuring that your children do not wander outside the patio area.
  • Increased living space. An enclosed patio can serve as an additional dining room, play area or second living room. If desired, the area can be climate controlled and easily wired for electronics such as televisions and sound systems. It is an easy way to maximize the usability of your property.

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