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Should I Build a Wood or Composite Deck?

Should I Build a Wood or Composite Deck?

March 31, 2017

If adding or rebuilding a deck is on your list of home improvement wishes this spring or summer, then you should probably start thinking about what type of deck you want to build. You may have a style, budget, and size in mind, but there are a few other questions you should be considering. One of the most important decisions you’ll make about your deck is what type of material to use. The two most common materials currently being used for deck building are wood and pvc capped composite.

Wood v. Composite

Wood decks are typically constructed with pressure treated pine. Composite decking is made from a combination of recycled wood fibers (usually maple) and recycled plastic. While composite is becoming very popular, wood remains the material of choice for the majority of decks being built today.
Before you decide which one of these two materials is right for your deck, consider the pros and cons of each:

Composite Decking

Pros Cons
Low maintenance: requires cleaning 1 time per year Up to 2X as expensive as wood
Dense and durable
Requires more support structure than wood which adds to cost
Stain resistant
Will not rot
Will not splinter
Quick installation


Wood Decking

Pros Cons
Much lower initial cost than composite High maintenance: requires staining every 2-3 years
Ages better than composite if properly cared for Requires stripping and sanding every 6 years
Natural feel and smell Can warp and splinter
Remains cooler in hot temperatures

Knowing the pros and cons of both wood and composite should help make your decision on deck materials somewhat easy. If you know you’re not going to take the time to properly maintain a wood deck, then composite may be the best choice for you. Conversely, if you love the natural feel and smell of wood and you’re looking for a lower upfront cost, then wood is the way to go. It really boils down to personal preference and lifestyle when it comes to choosing between wood and composite. Either way, a deck will add value and beautiful outdoor living space to your home.
At Quaker State Construction, decks are our business. Our experienced deck builders construct custom decks using only top quality wood or composite. We work with each client to determine the best layout and material to use, and we offer a variety of top-of-the-line composite products and premium-grade, pressure-treated wood. If you’re thinking about adding or remodeling a deck, let Quaker State deck contractors take charge of your project and make it more beautiful than you can imagine. Complete our online contact form or give us a call at 800-262-DECK.