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Ready to Put a Roof over Your Deck?

Ready to Put a Roof over Your Deck?

August 24, 2016
Putting a Roof over your Deck

There is nothing better on a hot summer day than being able to sit outside and enjoy a nature on your deck. On hot days it is nice to have areas of shade where you can sit and relax. A roof deck can allow you to do just that without the hassle of dealing with an umbrella or awning which may not be sturdy on a windy day.


There are several benefits to installing a deck roof including:

  • Increased comfort
  • Expanded area of shade
  • Shield from weather, such as rain
  • Added privacy
  • Visual appeal
  • Potential increase in home’s value

Deck Roofing

Types of Deck Roofs

Shed Roof: A shed roof is a single sloped roof that slants in only one direction and extends from the exterior of your home. Shed roofs are most commonly installed above your back door and will extend out. A shed roof is the most basic type of deck roofing that offers added shade and protection from outdoor elements. The sloped design helps route water away from your roof by directing it down the slope of the deck roof.

Gable Roof: a gable roof is the most common type of deck roof. It has two sloping sides and creates a triangular shape. It can be built to mimic the look of your home becoming a natural extension from your home to the exterior deck area. This is a popular choice for those that want a deck roof that appears to seamlessly blend with the original structure of the home. Gable roofs are enclosed to create an additional alcove outside of the home.

Hip Roof: a hip roof is an angular shaped roof that has slopes on all four sides and also works to mimic the look of your home. The hip roof design is the sturdier than a shed or gable roof and holds up well to weather conditions based on its shape and construction.

Porch Roof

Roofing isn’t only for decks. You can add a roof to your porch as well. Adding a roof to your porch can allow you to install a ceiling fan for added comfort. Your porch can also be enclosed to create a private oasis to enjoy any time of the year.

If you are looking to add a roof to your porch or deck, then contact Quaker State. Quaker State has expert deck builders in the Carnegie area that can install deck roofing on to your home.