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New code requirements for 2019 – What You Need to now

May 26, 2019

With the summer season in full swing, many are out enjoying their decks, grilling on the BBQ and spending time unwinding with friends and family. If you plan to use your deck or have any repairs or replacements completed this summer, it is essential to know what the new code requirements are to ensure your deck is safe for use.

Requirements and Limitations for Wood Deck Construction

According to a guide provided by the American Wood Council (AWC), there are several minimum requirements and limitations the International Residential Code for safe deck construction, including:

  • Deck ledgers must be sufficiently attached to the house
  • All lumber must be treated with preservative
  • All lumber used must be identified by a grade mark or certificate of inspection from an approved agency or bureau
  • Nails must be threaded to prevent them from backing out caused by moisture cycling
  • The minimum post size is 6×6
  • Measures must be taken to prevent corrosion in all hardware including bolts, screws, washers, nails, nuts, connectors and fasteners
  • Guard rail posts cannot be notched where they are attached to the deck

Deck Inspection Recommendations

In addition to these minimum requirements, both the North American Deck and Railing Association and the International Code Council recommend inspecting your existing deck for signs of disrepair including:

  • Split or deteriorating wood
  • Loose or missing anchors where the deck is attached to the home
  • Shaky guardrails or handrails

Professional, Code Compliant Deck Building Services

At Quaker State Construction, we take pride in performing safe, quality work when it comes to building and repairing decks. You can trust our expert staff to perform their work in compliance with all necessary codes and rest assured that your deck meets the safety standards set forth by the organizations mentioned above.

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