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Making your Room Addition look like Part of the Original House

Making your Room Addition look like Part of the Original House

February 5, 2015

Adding on a Home Addition

When you consider adding a room to your home, one of your main concerns is making it look as if it was built at the same time as the rest of their house. Not many people want a room addition that looks like it was just stuck on. You want an addition that seamlessly blends with the rest of the house, both inside and out. This will work to enhance your own enjoyment of your home, but also to help you achieve maximum value if and when you decide to sell.

New Room Addition

One easy way to make sure that your new room looks like it has always belonged there is to include consistent design elements from the rest of the house. Match styles, colors, and building materials for a consistent look.

However, you don’t always have to have an exact match. If some designs elements are difficult to recreate, it is easy enough to make sure the old and the new are at least complementary to each other. You can tie them together with color or creating an overall feeling in the new space.

An expert home construction contractor such as Quaker State Construction can help you to tie the old and new together in a way that will not draw attention to the fact that the new room isn’t original to the house. We know that one way to connect dissimilar spaces, in the event that it can’t be matched, is to downplay the ornamentation in the new space. Make the walls and trim simple, and then create ornamentation with colors, lighting, and furniture.

Quaker State Construction wants to help you create a seamless transition from your original house to your beautiful new room addition. Call us today to discuss your project.