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Make Your Floorboards Last

Make Your Floorboards Last

June 10, 2014

When adding a deck or refurbishing an existing deck, one primary concern is how to make your floorboards last. The quality of the deck builders you choose can impact the longevity of your floorboards. That’s because the quality of the materials, and the techniques used to prepare and install the floorboards, determine how well your deck will withstand the elements. Quaker State Construction deck builders have been serving the Pittsburgh PA region for just over 50 years, long enough to know that quality materials and craftsmanship are essential to decks able to withstand the tests of time and weather.

There are two key elements that influence how long your deck floorboards will last. These are the quality of the wood used in construction, and how the wood is treated to protect it from the elements. Skilled deck builders, concerned with making a deck able to be enjoyed for years, don’t use common-grade lumber. Quaker State Construction deck builders always use premium-grade wood for deck construction. The wood is double-treated to protect the wood from water, essential to preserving a deck and making sure floorboards last. It is also important to use construction techniques that don’t compromise that protection, sealing joining points and edges.

Ongoing care and maintenance are a part of making your floorboards last, of course. However, the best of care cannot make up for sub-par building materials or design. The best way to make sure that your deck floorboards last so that you can enjoy the use of your deck for years to come is to start out with deck builders that are dedicated to quality. Choose the experience and expertise of a reputable deck construction company, with a reputation for using quality materials and smart deck design. That way, you’ll have an attractive deck that is a pleasure to use and adds value to your home.