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How to Winterize Your Wood Deck

How to Winterize Your Wood Deck

November 24, 2014

Winterizing Your Deck

The cold weather is here, and now is the time to prepare your deck for the winter months. An unprotected deck can easily deteriorate, particularly during a harsh winter. A few simple steps can make sure you deck is ready for use next spring.

Winderizing Yout Deck

  • Check gaps for debris. Proper ventilation will ensure your deck does not produce mold or mildew during a wet winter. Additionally, debris between the deck boards that freezes can warp boards and cause decay. Make sure to give your deck a good sweep and remove any dirt, leaves and tree branches that can get stuck between the boards. You can also use your leaf blower.
  • Clean and power wash. Rainy summer days combined with warm weather can cause mold and mildew to build up. Additionally, stains from dirt and every day use can cause permanent damage if left unfixed. Power washing can remove surface barriers, ground-in dirt and stains.
  • Strip any deteriorating or unwanted finish. The hot sun can fade the color of your deck and ruin its overall appearance. If the stain on your deck has seen better days, now is the time to strip your deck down and re-finish it. Most homeowners ignore this step; however it is the easiest way to lengthen the life of your deck.
  • Consider a sealer. Seal your deck with a water repellent finish before the onslaught of winter. Water repellents stop rain, sleet, snow and ice from penetrating the wood surface, which can cause warping and cracking.

Winterizing can protect your deck’s appearance and your investment. If you are in need of deck repair , then you should consider contacting Pittsburgh-based Quaker State Construction.