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Fall is the Perfect Time to Remodel Your Deck

Fall is the Perfect Time to Remodel Your Deck

August 26, 2017

Considering an extreme deck makeover, but not sure what time of year is best to undergo such a remodeling project? Many homeowners believe that the spring is the best time with summer right on its heels. Those in the deck construction industry would disagree. To use your investment wisely, deck professionals would argue that fall is the most optimal time to hire a deck contractor. From cost savings to minimal disruption in your daily activities, there are multiple reasons to begin your extreme deck makeover as summer comes to an end and the leaves begin to fall.

Reasons Why Fall is the Best Time for Extreme Deck Makeoversdeck contractors pittsburgh


  • Availability of Contractors: Even though contractors work year round, the fall is consider more of their “off-season”. Their schedules are more open and flexible in the fall, which enables them to work around your schedule. In addition, with the availability of more workers during the fall, the project can be completed quicker than the busier summer months.
  • Better Pricing, More Savings: Due to the lower demand of deck contractors in the fall, many offer “off-season” pricing or special discounts for deck makeovers. If not initially mentioned by the contractor, be sure to inquire. In addition, the quicker turnaround time due to lower demand in their off-season could lead to more savings on labor costs.
  • Optimal Weather: During the fall months, the weather is a little more predictable than the summer. Fewer delays in construction due to summer rainstorms allow your project to be completed faster.
  • Less Disruption of Daily and Outdoor Activities – Unless your deck is a main entrance into your home, the traffic on the steps and deck area will be minimal; therefore, having it torn apart will have little impact on your daily comings and goings. Typically during the autumn months, you will have your windows and doors closed more, so the noise made by the deck contractors will be less disruptive. And if you have little ones, more than likely, they will be playing inside so there is no need to worry about keeping them away from the area under construction.
  • Little Impact on Existing Landscaping: As the weather becomes cooler, many of your plants and flowers are dormant; therefore there will be less impact on them by the deck construction. Also, the cooler weather dries out the ground making the turf and soil hard, which means there is less damage to your yard from construction vehicles and actual construction of the deck.
  • More Time to Enjoy Your Investment: Completing your extreme deck makeover in the fall allows you to start enjoying your investment with the first beautiful day of spring. With a full season of summer (and most of spring, depending on your location) to enjoy your outdoor living space, you will be happy that your deck construction took place while you were indoors!

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