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Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space with a Porch Roof

Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space with a Porch Roof

July 14, 2019

You have a stunning outdoor addition to your beautiful home, but are only able to enjoy it when the weather is favorable.  If the sun is too hot or the rain hasn’t ended in days, not adding a porch roof may make your deck investment seem all for not.  Quaker State Construction wants you to be able to enjoy your outdoor living space with your friends and family, despite what the weather forecast is.  Adding a porch roof to your existing structure will transform your go-to spot for relaxation and entertainment.  Below are some areas to consider before you start.


Coverage Area

Deck RoofThe size of your existing deck structure will help set you in the right direction. This not only narrows down your choices based on costs and style, but it helps you determine the amount of coverage you desire.  Permanent porch roofs are recommended for decks larger than 20’ wide, since temporary coverings are only available up to 20’ wide and typically don’t extend more than 10 feet.  The beauty of hiring a contractor to install your porch roof is that you can customize your coverage no matter how large your existing deck or porch structure.


Roof Style

When considering the style of roof for your outdoor living space, there are two important factors that come into play—back-of-home configuration and your home’s existing roof style.  If you have a two-story home with multiple windows facing your backyard, you want to make sure that the style you choose does not obstruct your view from the windows.  In regards to your existing roof, you want to choose a style that complements it rather than clashes with it.  Between the various materials and designs available today, a professional porch roof contractor, like Quaker State Construction, can help you make the best covering decision for your Pittsburgh porch.



Deck accessories, such as ceiling fans and big screen TVs, will impact your decision on how durable your deck covering needs to be.  If you are planning to hang heavier items from your porch roof, you will need a structure that is sturdy enough to support the weight, as well as a style that complements these accessories.  Why not ensure that you can enjoy all of the comforts from “inside” your home on your newly covered outdoor living space.


Required Permits

Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space with a Porch Roof, Quaker State ConstructionBefore contacting a contractor to install your porch roof, inquire about any needed permits.  Since porch roofs are a permanent addition to your house, more than likely you will need a permit before work begins.


Porch Roof Contractor in Pittsburgh

For nearly 6o years, Quaker State Construction has been enhancing outdoor living spaces for clients in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas.  From deck construction to porch roof installations, Quaker State Construction provides high quality craftsmanship and superb service. For a quote or more information on porch roof additions, please call 800-262-DECK.