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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Deck

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Deck

June 23, 2021
When working on a home improvement project, the last thing you want to do is make a mistake that can drive your costs up. At Quaker State Construction, we want to help our customers avoid common mistakes that can occur when designing a deck to help ensure you receive the custom deck you want without the hassle.

Forgetting the View

View from new deck constructionWhen designing your deck, it is crucial to think beyond how the deck will fit into your home. You also have to consider what your view will be from the deck year-round. You don’t want to build your deck overlooking the main road or your neighbor’s privacy fence. You will also want to consider how the sunlight hits the deck in different ways throughout the day and how the sunlight will affect you during the time of day that you’ll most likely be using your deck.
You will also want to make sure landscaping elements such as trees are not too close to the deck and consider any other issues or pitfalls of the area before building.

Not Acquiring the Proper Permits

In most cases, municipalities and counties require some sort of permitting for major building adjustments. There are certain rules, and they can vary by area, so be sure to check with your county and municipality. For example, you may not be able to build within a certain distance of the property line. While this process can take time and effort, it can save you the trouble of being fined and having to redo the work down the road.

Not Using the Right Materials

With the harsh winters and hot, humid summers in Pittsburgh, it is important to make sure you choose durable materials to withstand the weather conditions. Many times, homeowners focus on the decking when it comes to choosing materials, which is important. It is also important to focus on the fasteners, bottles, beams, flashing, joists, and the decking to ensure the entire deck is solid. With cold, wet winters in Pittsburgh, we recommend using the durable Azek and TimberTech products.

Building Without Your Lifestyle in Mind 

The main purpose of building a deck is to enhance your lifestyle and create a place to spend time with friends and family. Before designing your deck, take some time to learn more about your family’s patterns. Think about how a deck will affect foot traffic in and out of the home. Consider what you need to incorporate to accommodate those who are elderly, children, disabled relatives or friends, or pets that will access the deck.
You will also want to consider whether the deck will be used for entertaining or for private family time. For entertainment, the design may be more elaborate, including elements such as a hot tub, a full outdoor kitchen, bar, and more.

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