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Building A Deck Roof

Building A Deck Roof

September 11, 2015

Deck Roofing

Pittsburgh is subject to harsh elements regardless of the season: wind, rain, lightning storms, snow and hail. If you currently have a deck on your Pittsburgh property and are thinking of adding a roof to get the most use and enjoy the outdoors more, there are a few things you need to know:

Know your local building codes. There are 130 municipalities in Allegheny County, each with its own unique set of building codes and permit requirements. Even before the planning stages, it is always best to visit your local township office and learn of any building codes or restrictions that will affect the building of a roof on your deck.

Deck Roofing

Choose your materials wisely. As stated above, Pittsburgh has a number of harsh elements, and wind, rain and snow will take its toll on any roof, regardless of how sturdy it may seem. The roof of any home can leak at any time, so you want to ensure that the roof on your deck will hold up as well remain long-lasting.

Consider your outdoor lifestyle. Do you want a roof that completely covers your entire deck or leaves room for sunbathing. Will you be planning on adding on to the deck in the future? Are you planning any additional outdoor features that may require shelter? These are all things that may need to be considered, as they may become issues later.

Are you building over an existing patio slab? This is particularly important as, if there is an existing patio that you wish to add a roof onto, the concrete needs to be be able to support the roof. If not, additional overhead footings will need to be created. If this is the case, it is best to get the services of a professional deck construction company in order to preserve the integrity of your original patio structure.

Consider the type of roof that you want. There are three types of roofs that are typically found on most decks: shed, gable and hip. A shed roof has a single surface that is sloped, starting at the exterior wall of the home and ending at the deck’s support posts. This type of roof works best with long and narrow decks.

The most common, the gable roof, has a triangular shape that projects down the center of the deck along a ridge and overhangs the enclosed space. This type works well combating the Pittsburgh elements, as it allows for proper drainage of rain and snow.

The hip roof has a gentle downward slope, which requires a more complicated support system, but has a solid and compact appearance that it aesthetically pleasing and blends with most architecture.

Regardless of which type of roof you choose, it is important to consult with a professional. While the typical deck can support a certain amount of weight, a deck with a roof requires more support due to the added weight of the roof. Adding a roof without the proper footings for the right amount of support needed can lead to an unsafe situation, as well as costly repairs.

Quaker State Construction, Pittsburgh’s Deck Building and Home Remodeling Specialists, has been providing quality deck construction around Pittsburgh for over 54 years, with a commitment to providing quality deck solutions that are built to last. Quaker State Construction’s decades of design experience will ensure that your deck roof is built to last as well as withstand the harsh weather of the changing seasons. If you thinking about adding a roof onto your existing deck or patio, or are looking to add a deck onto your property, contact Quaker State Construction today.