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Why Choose Armadillo Decking?

May 14, 2014

Enjoy Time Outside

Spring and summer weather make it possible for individuals to enjoy spending time outside, especially on an Armadillo deck built with materials from the Rhino Deck manufacturers of Paynesville, Minn. Quaker Construction of Carnegie, Pa. specializes in adding rooms and remodeling structures to make a building more livable. Our construction company opened in the 1960s, helping families enlarge their small homes with basement refinishing and room additions. Adding a deck to a building is an excellent way to enjoy being outside, whether you’re having a cookout or just relaxing. We use modern deck building materials that are eco-friendly and long lasting.

Water-Resistant Materials

Many of our customers have avoided deck building because traditional wood materials degrade rapidly, requiring frequent repairs and maintenance. This is why an Armadillo deck is a great alternative for busy homeowners and property managers. Made from durable and water-resistant polyethylene materials, the decks built by Quaker Construction are beautiful, functional and almost maintenance free. While wooden decks require a yearly refinishing to prevent water and insect damage, an Armadillo deck does not need chemical treatments. The dense composite materials from Rhino will resist sun and weather fading, in addition to preventing mold growth, mildew odor and stains.

Add Additional Space

An Armadillo deck built by Quaker Construction has a 20 year warranty, making it an excellent investment. Not only does an outdoor deck make a building more livable with additional space for entertaining friends and family, it also adds value to a property. While most individuals think they will live in a home forever, the reality is that many families will move in a few years. Selling a home in today’s economy is not easy unless the building has extra features, such as an Armadillo deck. Our deck building experts can design additions for backyards or balconies that will hold the weight of furniture and people safely.

Gorgeous Outdoor Decks

Families want to spend a lot of time on their home’s deck having barbecues and eating meals. Our knowledgeable Quaker Construction technicians are experts at designing and building a gorgeous deck that is usable during the day and evening. This means deck building with extra features, such as lighting and post caps, to prevent injuries as people are walking on the structure. At the same time, our customers want a beautiful outdoor space that blends in nicely with a property’s landscaping and house.

Knowledgeable Design Technicians

Customers requiring deck building services can contact Quaker Construction for a consultation from an experienced technician. We have provided a variety of interior and exterior remodeling for private residences and commercial properties. Customers can contact us with an online form or toll-free telephone number, to learn how to have a new Armadillo deck, replace windows or add a room. After 50 years in this business, we have innovative ideas about making dramatic changes to large or small buildings. Many homeowners and property managers are amazed at the creative designs available to make a building more enjoyable.