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Top Deck Building Trends of 2017

May 29, 2017

If you are considering adding a deck to your home this spring, or you want to remodel your current deck, there are countless items to consider. From material to design, and everything in between, you want to be sure you’re going to love your deck. It should be a unique, comfortable place to relax or entertain family and friends. Decks are no longer generic. In fact, the many options, styles, and designs you can choose from allow you to create an outdoor living space that is like no other. Consider these current deck trends as you plan your project:

  1. An Extended Living Space

 Cozy furniture, complete kitchens, fire places, lighting, stereo systems, big screen televisions and many of the other amenities we enjoy indoors are now being brought out to the deck. Including these types of features on your deck will create another space to relax or spend time with friends. With heating and lighting elements, weather and time of day are not issues that will keep you from being outside. Cozy furniture sets create an inviting atmosphere of intimacy and peace, allowing you to make memories or unwind after a long day.


  1. Picture Framing

Now you can frame your deck to present it as a beautiful work of art. Adding one or more single boards around the perimeter of the deck gives it a sharp look that accentuates the structure and hides deck board ends. This eye-catching feature will add charm and character to your deck.


  1. Adding Mixed Materials to Your Deck

Add some custom style to your wood or composite deck by mixing materials. Bring in wrought iron, aluminum, or stone elements to create a visual delight. Combine iron railings with wooden decking or bring in a stone feature like a fire pit to add a natural feel to a composite deck.  Evoke an industrial feel with concrete accent pieces like planters or counter tops on a wood deck.  Mixing materials balances out design, reflects personal style, and creates a resort-like escape.  

  1. Deck Board Patterns

Deck boards are now mimicking wood floor patterns, another sign of the indoors coming out. Instead of the traditional side by side, parallel design, homeowners are opting for patterns like herringbone or parquet to match the style and décor of their outdoor space. This special touch adds character and warmth to a deck, making it distinctive and inviting.


  1. Multilevel Decks

While it may not be plausible for every home, adding a multilevel deck is a move that takes entertaining to new heights, literally and figuratively. Having a deck off of the basement that connects to a deck above, off of the main living area, is a fantastic way to entertain more guests outdoors, and it can also be used to separate activities or groups. If you’re having a party where adults and kids are present, the kids could use the lower level for eating and playing games on the deck and in the yard while the adults enjoy a quieter place to mingle up above. The possibilities with a multilevel deck are vast!

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