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Some Popular Composite Deck Ideas

April 3, 2014

For those homeowners who take great pride in their outdoor living spaces, adding or remodeling an exterior deck is an exciting project that opens the doors to many design possibilities and improvements. The team at Quaker State Construction bring years of experience to the table, offering their services for complete composite deck construction and home remodeling.

Home construction no longer excludes the outdoor living space. Whether it’s a small deck and patio that accommodates the immediate family, or a large space with elements like fire pits and outdoor kitchens, our exterior and interior floor plans are now equally important. With current innovations in building materials, composite deck building offers homeowners the opportunity to explore designs that may not have been possible in the past.

While traditional decking materials offer contractors many challenges, a composite deck is more forgiving, and will outperform decks that are built using other products. Materials such as pressure treated lumber will cup, check, and split, while composite decking will respond well during construction and long after the structure has been completed. Home construction professionals are able to achieve better results with composites, and there is much less waste during the actual build.

Building a composite deck allows home construction professionals endless possibilities in regards to designing the outdoor space. From built-in features such as fireplaces, planters, benches, and hot tubs, the sky really is the limit when using composite material.

Outdoor kitchens have gained amazing popularity over the years. Manufacturers of built-in barbecues and commercial-grade cooking equipment have created outdoor appliances that will suite every budget and fit every need. Composite decking has contributed to these amazing kitchens because of it’s durability, extended service life, and it’s ability to withstand the punishment that many interior kitchens will face over years of continued use.

By using composite decking, home construction professionals like Quaker State Construction are able to add greater dimension to the traditional deck footprint. Although simple designs are often required, composites lend themselves to more intricate levels, pattern work, and complex geometric shapes. This is often reflected in small levels that almost appear independent of the main deck. Designers will often use these spaces for spas, fire pits, and other features that enhance the typical deck design.

Budget and space constraints are generally the only factors that will limit the scope of a composite deck design. The Quaker State Construction team encourages Pittsburgh, PA residents to contact them to discuss their new building projects and deck remodeling ideas. For families involved with new home construction or extensive remodeling, Quaker State Construction will always meet and exceed the expectations of its valued customers.